Challenge Prizes

Prizes will include cash prizes, MAXIMUM Slim products and the grand prize package is $300 cash prize and a MAXIMUM Slim Original Weight Loss Wellness Kit (Grand prize package has a value of $500).

  1. Any prize awarded to challenge participants, monetary or other, is not considered employee compensation and is not an employee benefit from MAXIMUM Slim, LLC. All awarded prizes are considered taxable income and it is up to the individual participant to report the award amount when filing his or her income tax.There might be situations, events or instances that cause MAXIMUM Slim Challenge to modify or clarify the challenge rules on the fly. Changing the rules is a last resort, and will be avoided during the course of the challenge whenever possible. However, MAXIMUM Slim Challenge administration team reserves the right, at their sole discretion, to make changes to and/or clarifications to the challenge rules at any time.
  2. Winners will be announced during the MAXIMUM Slim Power Training Conference Calls held each Monday evening at 8:30PM EST and will be posted on the MAXIMUM Slim Challenge website. Prizes will be awarded on a bi-weekly basis. *But remember…everyone who loses weight is a WINNER and it’s about your health and living the best healthy lifestyle. Also, if you would like more information about our weekly Power Training Conference Calls, please speak with a MAXIMUM Slim Associate.
  3. Winners will be based on the percent of body weight lost and the winners will be posted on the MAXIMUM Slim Challenge website. In addition, we will list the participants in the rank based on the percent of their body weight lost, so everyone will know where they are in the ranking. After the completion of the MAXIMUM Slim Challenge, the winners will be posted on the official MAXIMUM Slim website.

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